Он так же силен, как всегда.

English Translation

He is as strong as ever.

This is at least the second time that I’ve seen е́ in the pronunciation where there should be ё.

Some background, especially for people who are not Russian speakers: the letter ё, which is pronounced “yo” and always accented, is often written as е, even though this can also stand for the sound “ye”. It’s not feasible to rewrite all sentences at Tatoeba to contain ё where appropriate, and some might even argue that it’s not desirable, since language learners need to get used to the fact that ё is often written e in books, magazines, etc. It may or not be feasible, or appropriate, to do this at Clozemaster. But it is absolutely necessary when providing the pronunciation to distinguish between unaccented е, accented е́, and ё (which is always accented). It’s worse than useless to write ё as е́.