Tom wynajął adwokata.(Question)

Can anyone explain the difference between ‘wynająć’ and ‘zatrudnic’? Is is that ‘zatrudnić’ is more closely associated with employing someone on a long term basis, whereas ‘wynająć’ suggesting hiring someone on a short term basis? Thanks!

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I never gave this much thought, but you’re completely right!

In most contexts, “wynająć” means to rent a place / vehicle / some other possession, while “zatrudnić” means to employ or hire a person, usually long-term (contract and all).

But “wynająć” is also used to talk about people when it comes to short-term hires. If you say “wynająłem sprzątaczkę” or “wynająłem adwokata”, it means you’re paying that person to provide you with a service from time to time. Perhaps the cleaning lady only comes to clean your house once a week for two hours, or the lawyer handles your case while at the same time working for several other clients.

On the other hand, if you say “zatrudniłem sprzątaczkę / adwokata”, you’re implying that the person is on your payroll full-time, maybe half-time.


Thanks for the clarification!