Tom uważa, że to trudne być dla niego miłym. (Sentence Note)

The translation is given as ‘Tom found it difficult to please him.’ Is this a good translation? My translation would be ‘Tom thinks it is difficult to be nice to him’. Thanks!

The Polish sentence looks off. If I were to translate it into English, I would probably come up with something similar to what you suggested. But I feel like it could also be understood as “Tom thinks it is difficult for him to be a nice person”. Either way, it’s not a great sentence.

On the other hand, the problem with “Tom found it difficult to please him” is that it’s difficult to translate the “X found it [adjective] to [verb]” structure into Polish. Here, the closest Polish equivalent would be something like “Tomowi trudno było go zadowolić” (lit. “It was difficult for Tom to please him”), but it’s also not a perfect Polish sentence.

So again, I think the best course of action would be to get rid of the pairing altogether. Or perhaps change the English sentence up a bit to avoid using the tricky structure, and then work from there. Feel free to report!

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Thanks, I definitely report this one, it sounds very ambiguous. When I came up with my own translation, I had several to begin with, before settling on one! Cheers!