Tom tidak tahu tahu ke mana ia harus pergi.

English Translation

Tom didn’t know where he should go.

Isn’t “tahu tahu” a typo? I looked up “tahu tahu” as well as “tahu-tahu” with a hyphen in several dictionaries, corpora and Google. But nothing hit.
“Tahu” as a verb is “to know”. “Tahu-tahu” means “suddenly” or “unexpectedly” as an adverb. But I couldn’t find “tahu tahu” without a hyphen used in a sentence. So, I don’t think “tahu tahu” means “to have zero idea” with a stronger nuance.

And “ia” instead of “dia” is used in a writing. If “tahu tahu” isn’t registered in dictionaries but is a common oral expression, it doesn’t match the nuance of “ia”. So I concluded that it’s a typo.

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English Translation

Tom didn’t know where to go.

Most definitely it’s a typo (I have seen it repeated before, but then again, this is my day 1 with this language)