Tom rese piuttosto chiaro perché avremmo dovuto finire il lavoro per le 2:30.

English Translation

Tom made it quite clear why we had to have the job finished by 2:30.

I wonder whether “piuttosto” is the best match for “quite” here.


Quite in ReversoSynonyms goes the whole range from perfectly, totally and absolutely to relatively and kind of. May I ask what is the best match for piuttosto you had in mind?

Perhaps assolutamente or completamente, even totalmente.

As Tom is now a plastic surgeon and psychiatrist, let’s hope he’s not totally overworking.

Ciao :wink:

I meant the Italian to English direction, like trying to find the best English word match for piuttosto. Not the other way around.

Tom made it very clear…
Tom made it pretty clear that…
Tom made it absolutely clear that…
Tom made it abundantly clear that…

Any good? The last one is my preference.


The English sentence is the original, and the Italian is a translation, so I didn’t consider going in that direction.

I think a useful approach is to quantify the degree of clarity using percentages. This is my take:

“made it quite clear”: 100%
“rese piuttosto chiaro”: 80%

With that in mind, I could suggest “fairly”.

I am not a native speaker of either language, so please feel free to correct me.


@morbrorper Here our lovely Tom is being adamant about something, no ifs or buts, he has put his foot down! I can’t make it any clearer.

Quite here means “absolutely” as mentioned.



I absolutely agree with you on that.

Russian Translation

Том сделал это.

How should I guess, translating from russian, that here should be “made” instead of “did”?