Tom otworzył drzwi do swojego gabinetu. (Sentence Note)

Some advice please, what’s the difference, if any, between ‘gabinet’ and ‘biuro’? Is a gabinet a small private office e.g. the manager’s office within a larger office? Thanks!

Yes, that’s pretty much it. “Gabinet” is generally a private office, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be part of a larger office. A home office where you do your work is also a “gabinet”.

“Gabinet” is also used to refer to a surgery (= a medical practitioner’s office). For example, a dental surgery is “gabinet dentystyczny”. It doesn’t really matter if it’s just a room in a larger clinic or a whole separate business with a reception desk and several dentists on staff.

“Biuro” is the general term for an office—usually in a company or a corporation—or a bureau (in government). A tax office is a “biuro podatkowe”. Unlike “gabinet”, “biuro” is never used to refer to a surgery.

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Thanks for the clarification!