Tom obwinia Mary o wszystko. (Sentence Note & Question)

  • obwinić -nię -nisz (pf), (impf) obwiniać = to accuse, blame. ~ się recriminate (make counter accusations)
  • winić -nię -nisz (impf), (pf) uwinić or zawinić = to blame, implicate

Some advice please … I’ve seen ‘winić’ used many times on CM but this is the first time I’ve encountered ‘obwinić’. What’s the difference, if any? Thanks!

“Obwiniać” would also be translated as “to blame” (just like “winić”, the default verb), but its connonations are even more negative/intensive than those of “winić”. It pretty much means “to put all the blame on someone”, or “to blame someone in a nagging way”.