Tom nie zdążył na ostatni pociąg i spędził noc w kafejce internetowej.

  • kafejka –jek f.noun = cafe

Hi can anyone tell me the difference between kafejka and kawiarnia, if any. I looked on Google images and it seems that kafejka seems to be used more with internet cafes but it also returned images of ‘‘normal’’ cafes. Thanks!

For anyone who is interested … a native Polish person told me that kafejka and kawiarnia are pretty much interchangeable. Kafejka did used to be used a lot in the context of internet cafes but only a few still exist in Poland. Kafejka is now primarily used by the younger generation, as slang to describe a regular cafe.

That’s correct! “Kafejka” also sounds like something more cosy, perhaps local. You wouldn’t use it to refer to a large chain coffee shop in the city center.

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