Tom menunjuk kursi disebelahnya.

English Translation

Tom pointed to the chair next to his.

The Indonesian sentence has two problems.

  1. “Disebelah” should be “di sebelah” in two words.
  2. “Di sebelahNYA” means “next to HIM”, not “next to HIS”.

I think

Tom menunjuk kursi di sebelah kursinya.
Tom menunjuk kursi di sebelah miliknya.
would be much better.

The Indonesian sentence was updated by the Clozemaster admin on October 2, 2022.

Old: Tom menunjuk kursi {{disebelahnya}}.

New: Tom menunjuk {{kursi}} di sebelahnya.

The update solved only the first issue, and created another mess. Why did the admin change the cloze-word to such a super easy word like “kursi” (chair) for 50K Most Common Word collection?
If you keep the English sentence as “next to HIS”, the proper cloze-word should be “di {{sebelah}} miliknya”, not “di sebelahnya”.

Also, 50K Most Common Collection incorporated the updated one, but Random Collection and Fluency Fact Track haven’t done yet.