Tom menuang brandy ke dalam gelas.

English Translation

Tom poured brandy into the glasses.

“Brandy” is not an Indonesian word. It should be “brendi”, according to KBBI, IndoDic and SEAlang Indonesian dictionary (Stevens 2010).

The English translation was updated by the Clozemaster admin on September 25, 2022.

Old: Tom poured brandy into the glasses.

New: Tom poured brendi into the glasses.

Nooooo! “Brandy” is a proper ENGLISH word. “Brandi” is an INDONESIAN word. There is no word like “brendi” in English/Indonesian. Clozemaster, please revoke the update, and change the INDONESIAN sentence.

Note that 50K Most Common Collection incorporated the (wrong) updated one, but Random Collection and Fluency Fact Track haven’t done yet.