Tom klarade provet galant.

This is a strange one - the online dictionaries (and my physical one) and Google only have galant as an adjective meaning gallant. Even SAOL only has “gallant”.

I can see from the link below lots of different meanings. Could you throw any light on this word, please? Why do so many resources only recognise it as gallant?

SAOL (1998 edition): “uppmärksam mot damer; lättfärdig; utmärkt”. The last definition is fitting. “With flying colors” comes to mind.

As for the confusion, I can only speculate that this is word that originally describes the various qualities of a French officer. :wink:

Hey - no fair using old books!!! :crazy_face:

I’ve made yet more notes…and I’m not getting into Nationalism today! Apparently there is some kind of football match on. Not sure who is playing :innocent:

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