Tom i Mary wciąż nie wstali. (Question)

Some help please …

  • The English translation is ‘Tom and Mary still haven’t woken up’.
  • I’ve seen several sentences on CM whereby derivatives of ‘wstać’ are used to describe s.o. ‘waking up’. Wstać usually refers to s.o. ‘getting up’ / rising (out of bed). Can it also be interpreted to s.o. waking up as well? I thought that to wake up was ‘obudzić się’. Thanks!

Agreed, “Tom and Mary still haven’t got up” would be more accurate here. “Wstawać” = “get up”, and “budzić się” = “wake up”.

I can see how someone might have ended up translating “haven’t woken up” as “nie wstali” in this particular sentence. You could assume that for the speaker in that sentence, the thing that matters the most is that Tom and Mary are still in bed – the might not care if they’re awake or not. That said, it is still a mistranslation, and should probably be corrected.

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Thanks, I’ll report it next time I see it.