Tom dał mi odręczną notatkę od Mary. (Sentence Note & Question)

  • odręczny (adj) = freehand (handwritten)
  • podręczny (adj) = handy, at hand
  • ręka (f noun) (Locative singular = ręce or ręku) (Nom plural = ręce) (Genitive plural = rąk) = hand, arm.

Can anyone advise the difference between ręka and dłoń? Is dłoń more akin to ‘palm’?Thanks

“Ręka” is rather general, as it can mean your entire arm (from the elbow down) or just your hand depending on the context.

"Dłoń” is more specific, as it always means your hand. “Palm” would also be an acceptable translation.

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