To pudło było tak ciężkie, że nie mogłem go ruszyć.

Can anyone advise what is the difference between ‘pudło’ and ‘pudełko’? Are they synonymous for ‘box’? (Google images tends to show larger boxes for ‘pudło’). Thanks

It’s the same noun—“pudło” is the base form, while “pudełko” is the diminutive form (essentially “a little box”).

In practice, “pudło” almost always refers to large cardboard boxes. A box of chocolates is definitely a “pudełko”, same for pretty much any box-like packaging you can get a grocery store. A shoebox is most likely a “pudełko” too.

If we’re talking about a box the size of a TV, a washing machine or a fridge, “pudło” becomes the natural choice.

Be careful not to call something small like a box of chocolates a “pudło”—it will probably sound as if you’re being snarky or ironic.

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