To przyjemne ogolić moją brodę. (Sentence Note & Question)

  • golić ‑lę ‑lisz gól impf, pf ogolić shave. pf wygolić.
  • & się = to shave o.s.

Can anyone tell me the difference if any between ogolić and wygolić? I looked on a few dictionaries and some of them had no entry for wygolić, one just said ‘shave’ same as ogolić. Strangely, for ogolić, Google images showed pictures of mostly men shaving their faces, whereas wygolić shows mixed photos of people shaving their head hair into different shapes! Thanks!

If anyone is interested, I’ve found out the answer to the above question I asked …

  • ogolić - suggests a normal full shave, usually facial or head.
  • wygolić - suggests a partial shave, e.g. shaving a pattern into head hair, or shaping a beard.
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