To jest ślicznie normalne

Is the Polish original sentence correct here? I have heard of ‘ślicznie’ (śliczny) being used before only in the context of ‘pretty’ in terms of physical attractiveness e.g. ‘śliczna kobieta’ (pretty/lovely woman). I also heard of it in the phrase ‘ślicznie dziękuję’ (thank you kindly). The English sentence here uses ‘pretty’ to describe a degree of relativity or frequency, e.g. the English sentence could be written as ‘That’s fairly/usually normal’. Can ‘ślicznie’ be used in the same sense in Polish???

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You’re right, this sentence is very fishy. No Polish person would say that, and even if they did, I doubt they would mean “fairly normal” by that.

As you’ve rightly noticed, the only relatively similar use of “śliczny” is “ślicznie dziękuję”. Other than that, it pretty much always means “pretty” or “cute”.

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Thanks for that. I’ll report it next time I see it. From your comments about this sentence and some other sentences I’ve seen, it does make me wonder, whether all the source material for the original sentences has been written by native Polish people, or not.

True, some of the sentences might have been added by learners or someone using machine translation.

Clozemaster’s sentences and translations are sourced from the open database Tatoeba: Collection of sentences and translations, so there are bound to be some mistakes with hundreds of people contributing. Hopefully, most of these will be identified and corrected thanks to the report system.

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