To jest daleko!

The translation is given as ‘That’s far out!’ This can have several meanings in English, literally, it can mean something is far away (in distance), however, colloquially it can also mean something which is unusual/crazy/difficult to comprehend etc. Does it also have several meanings in Polish?

The Polish sentence isn’t half as ambiguous as the English translation—in fact, I don’t think it could be interpreted as referring to anything other than distance.

(I don’t really like the Polish sentence here, it sounds a bit artificial and I can’t really imagine myself using it. Looks like it’s a translation of the English sentence, and it’s quite hard to translate it well without context.)

Of course, “daleko” can also be used in a metaphorical sense, as in “daleko mu do doskonałości” (= “it is far from perfect”). However, it isn’t used in superlatives, as in the English “far better”.

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Thank you for your help Adam.