Tired of one-word clozes?

If you’re up for a real challenge and want to tackle entire sentences at once, you could have a look at my shared collection in Spanish from English called Full Clozure, which currently contains nearly a thousand Spanish sentences fetched directly from Tatoeba, with the clozes consisting of the entire sentence (where possible). Some of the sentences are very recent, so you may never have seen them before.

This is probably not for beginners, but still, having to try to formulate entire sentences, even if you don’t get them quite right, is beneficial to learning grammar and syntax in a way that one-word clozes can never teach as effectively, in my humble opinion.


Content aside, easter egg: play text input, then in the URL change mode=text_input to mode=full_text_input :slight_smile:


Thanks for that, but I’m a lazy student that prefers to switch to multiple choice after I have decided on the answer. :slight_smile: Your solution does have the advantage of hinting about the number of words though, which mine hasn’t.

BTW, to what degree will the edits I make on individual clozes in a shared collection owned by me be reflected to other users? If I delete a cloze, will it be deleted for everyone?

I think so.

Also: If you add notes, these are also visible to everyone. Better not enter something sensitive.

But better double-check with someone else to be sure that what I say is correct.

It’s a shame I had to resort to full-sentence clozes, when a simple option to hide the entire target sentence would do the job in all collections. We already have options to set font sizes and hiding this and hiding that, so why not add this option as well? I know, the options dialog is already cluttered enough, but IMO it needs an overhaul anyway.


Brief aside - thoroughly enjoying your Collection @morbrorper. I tend to work on the app but will come here more often so as not to miss more similar collections.


Trying this again, my impression is that this would be great, if only there was a button to switch to ordinary text input or multiple choice after having made a rough translation in one’s head.

Typing a long sentence can be a bit tedious, especially if the aim is to practice syntax and fluency.

Looking forward to see something like this as an official option.