Ti interessano i fiori?

English Translation

Are you interested in flowers?

Should it be interèssano , not interessàno ?

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To my ear, Carla appears to be stressing the word in the right place but then mumbles and merges the ending and the “i”, so that it almost sounds like “Ti interessa-noi-fiori?”.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t discover whether there’s a version from Giorgio, and if so, what that voice might sound like with this sentence.


I hear Carla correctly here. Just my two cents worth;-)


My ear is not great musically, but try comparing ti interessano i fiori 1. in the search to 2. when you put it into collections. The first sounds interessàno and the second (all of them) sound interèssano. I do not insist, that is why my original post is with the question mark. I will gladly accept that the bear is sitting on my ear, or whatever the saying goes.

I don’t know where this comes from, but I love this mental image! I’d like to learn more about it :slight_smile:

Business first ! :grinning: Can you hear the difference? Interèssano or interessàno in collections? Meanwhile I will try to find that bear reference for you. I did not mean to put you the a spot with the “interressano” word pronunciation and owe you the “bear sitting on the ear” explanation when I find it, but found this book “Is that a fish in your ear?” Probabilmente all the answers are there!

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I had already searched for “interessano”, but I wasn’t really sure what I was hearing, it didn’t sound too strange to me. I’ve still been too lazy to add it to a collection though to check the difference between them :sweat_smile: Perhaps I should make a collection specifically for these kinds of testing purposes…


I’m clearly hearing “interèssano” i fiori. I think it just gets confusing when words are run closely together at Italian speed!



Sindaco, I found it! The correct saying is “a bear stepped on his ear”, which means the person has no musical talent. It is a Russian saying. It is the first article in google when you put this phrase in search. 6th paragraph. Mystery solved!

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Thank you! I found it too now :grin:

They might also step on you if you are napping in a field or forest. Or at least that’s the image behind the expression медведь ему на ухо наступил (literally “a bear stepped on his ear”), which actually means: the person has no musical talent: Поэту Блоку, как выяснилось, медведь с детства на ухо наступил (It turned out that the poet Blok had a tin ear from childhood.)

I already don’t really have any musical talent to speak of, but it seems prudent anyway to be careful when napping in fields (linking back to “i fiori:wink:) or forests frequented by bears! So thanks for solving the mystery!

The rest of the article is nice to read too :slight_smile:

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