Ti amerò finché sarò in vita.

English Translation

I will love you until I am alive.

Again, a construction with “finché” that I do not understand.
Is it really “until”, not “as long as”?
I mean, it does not make sense. Or is it a vampyre or a zombie in love?


The English sentence is definitely incorrect, unless it is directed at a zombie or vampire or someone else (un)dead indeed…

Oddly enough I can’t seem to locate neither the Italian nor the English sentence on Tatoeba.

Edit: Okay, after different queries I finally found the following two semi-related English versions of the sentence:
I’ll love you until I die.
I’ll love you until the day I die.
However, neither of these two has a linked (nor previously unlinked) Italian translation.

I think it might be safe to assume that both sentences were just deleted as being incorrect (if that happens at all), or corrected, and thus now unfindable as such, unless perhaps you follow the source link next time you encounter the sentence?

Edit 2: I didn’t realise we could also access the source links from search. Oddly enough the “Ti amerò finché sarò in vita” links to the following unrelated sentence on Tatoeba:
Non mi importa finché sei felice. - I don’t care as long as you are happy.
Where indeed it uses “as long as” in the English version, as you also expected.


Ciao MRgK. I read this as “I will love you as long as I am alive” or (finché - while… I am alive").

I immediately thought of “finché non” but it seems this is another use of finché. @sindaco Sindaco - sono d’accordo! Not a good translation.

Thanks for raising this and putting a post here for a Italian!


I’ve just used una frase con “fin dopo” - until after. So many variations😊