The pike is not yet struck.

Italian Translation

Il luccio non è ancora colpito.

It would be fascinating to know what this sentence means; we really need to know when the pike will be struck;-)


To me luccio would be a kind of fish. I don’t know this to be an expression in either language.

It seems the original German sentence on Tatoeba did refer to the fish, but in the sense of it not having been caught yet. They go on to discuss that the provided English translation, doesn’t actually tend to convey the same meaning, unless you’re an avid reader of professional fishing magazines. At least “When will the pike strike?” would rhyme.

Plenty of fish in the sea, eh?

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Ciao @sindaco. Fishy eh, ah I like the pike strike rap rhyme;-) Next time I’m at our local newsagents I’ll avidly browse the angling mags. Now whitebait I do know about, always my favourite starter. Auguri eh!

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