TG4 is great television for Irish language learning

You can watch TG4 live, or you can watch it on demand. On demand there are often subtitles “as Gaeilge” so you can read what they are saying in Irish.

(Here’s the schedule.

You can also watch CULA live (Irish Children’s programmes in the Irish language)

(Here’s the schedule).

Or you can watch those Irish language children’s television programmes on demand as well.

My latest favourite is “Room on the Broom”

The witch and her cat are flying happily but the witch keeps losing her belongings. Luckily, they are returned by the animals she meets, but is there room on the broom for all her new friends?

If you watch on demand you can put on the Irish subtitles. There’s so much to chose from!

Some are original programmes and some come from other countries but they are dubbed in Irish.

I have found them really useful.

Slán go foill,