Tämä ei kuulu minulle!

English Translation

This is none of my business!

To my understanding this means “This does not belong to me”, as in “it’s a thing I don’t own”, which is quite different from the translation given.
Another translation on tatoeba is “Tämä ei ole minun asiani!” which seems to mean the same.

So, does it really mean “none of my business?” And if not, how would you say that in Finnish?

Yes, it means “this is none of my business”. I can mean “this does not belong to me” as well, but that would not be the first interpretation that comes to mind without context.

Yeah, especially with an exclamation point.

Interesting. Just when you think you are starting to get a grasp of the language, these things pop up :smiley:
Anyway. Always more to learn.

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