Ta dziewczyna pozwoliła ptaka uwolnić.

This girl let the bird free = Ta dziewczyna wypuściła ptaka.I’m trying to understand the logic behind this sentence while comparing it to the provided english translation, and something isn’t clicking for me. My first instinct would be to say “Ta dziewczyna wypuściła ptaka”.The original polish sentence feels to me as something like “The girl has allowed the bird to be set free” as if someone else was holding the bird, and she gave her permission for that other person to free the bird.

However, if we were to add “się” to this sentence: “Ta dziewczyna pozwolia ptaka się uwolnić”, this would make much more sense to me, translating into something like: “the girl allowed the bird to free itself”.Any thoughts on this? Thanks!

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You are absolutely right, “Ta dziewczyna wypuściła ptaka” would be a much better translation here.

“Ta dziewczyna pozwoliła ptaka uwolnić.” is more like “This girl allowed the bird to be freed”. Also, the word order with the verb at the very end of the sentence sounds rather peculiar to my ear. “Ta dziewczyna pozwoliła uwolnić ptaka” would definitely be preferred.

Feel free to report the sentence/translation mismatch the next time you run into this sentence, and it’ll get fixed.

English Translation

The girl let the bird go.

my interpretation was the girl let [someone] set the bird free