Szykuje się jutro zajęty dzień. (Sentence Note)

  • szykować (-kuję -jesz impf) to ready, prepare, array. ~ się do + Gen = get ready for

It looks like the English sentence is “Tomorrow’s going to be a busy day”, while “Szykuje się jutro zajęty dzień” sounds more like “It looks like tomorrow is going to be a busy day”. It’s not a huge difference, but I’d say it’s worth updating.

Apart from the meanings included in your note, “szykuje się” is sometimes used to mean something akin to “it looks like”. I also found “… is afoot” as a potential English translation—I guess it makes sense too!

Another Polish expression that is used this way is “zanosi się na…”. I’d say it’s even more common than “szykuje się” in this context.

Thanks for clarifying. When I looked up the Polish in the dictionary, I found it hard to compare it to the English translation that was given on CM. I’ll report it.