Suggestions for UI improvements

Since I started using Clozemaster, there where a few things about the UI I’d love to see being changed. Nothing happend, so I decided to gently make you aware of these - as I consider them - flaws.

First of all, it took me some time to understand the three different ‘settings’-buttons.
When being on the dashboard, there are two different ones, one that leads to the review interval and sentence per round settings, and one hidden in the drop-down next to the user name that gives general information about the account and reminders (if set).
When playing, there’s another settings button which only gives access to the specific game settings.
While I do understand the differentation between the game settings and the general settings to a certain extend, it doesn’t make any sense to split the general settings in two when being on the dashboard.
My suggestion would be to implement one general settings button where the user can access all possible settings when being on the dashboard and one settings button for the specific game settings when playing.

Another issue is the size of the additional letters, in the case of my french game for example the ones with accents. While the legibility is okay on low-res monitors (if I remember correctly), on a high-resolution display like mine its pretty hard to differentiate for example an accent aigu (é) from an accent grave (è). Zooming in when being on the site is not really ergonomic…

Also, I’d love to see a more cleaner UI at some point. The border line around the different options is not really pleasing to the eye. Also, the darker colour of the boxes for streak info and other informations on the right sligthly distracts the eye from the actually important stuff on the left. I’d love to see the actual game being put more into focus (with an underlying shadow or a darker box colour for example).

Last but not least I’d love to see the same dark mode I can choose here in the forum being implemented all over Clozemaster. including the dashboard and the rather ugly black when playing.


Thanks for your message and for the valuable feedback. We’re working on a bunch of cool features at the moment, but I’ve opened a ticket with the dev team so we can add your ideas to our to-do list.

If you have any other feature requests or there’s anything else we might do to improve Clozemaster, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Georgiana @Clozemaster

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I second your comment about the size of the extra French letters. They’re difficult to see clearly on my laptop and fiddly to click on.