Streaks and how they are counted

Both in the App and on the Web there are two different streak-indicators. One indicates the streak in the particular language and one the streak on the daily goal (if one is set), as far as I understand.
Now, in my case, I lost the streak in the daily goal but the streak in the language I’m learning is still there and intact. Could it be the case that the timezones these streaks refer to are different?
Is that a bug or a feature :smiley: ?

What you described makes sense I think. The daily goal streak requires you to score the number of points you select everyday to keep the streak, where as the overall streak requires you to simply play that language everyday. If you play one day but don’t score enough points for your daily goal, you’d end up keeping you overall daily streak but losing your daily goal streak. Please let me know of course if I’ve misunderstood or anything’s unclear. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer.
But this is not quite what I meant. What I was referring to was the impression that the two different streaks are connected to different time zones. I live in Germany and the streak counter - the one which does not require a particular goal - counts according to the actual time here. Today I did fulfil my daily goal and I did this at 23:45 (11:45 pm). But the counter for the daily goal was already set to zero days at this time - the only explanation for this - I believe - is that this streak counter is connected to a different time zone…which I find not totally disturbing but still irritating :wink:

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Ah ha! Sorry - I misunderstood. That does indeed sound like a bug, they should be working on the same time zone. We’ll work on reproducing / resolving, in the meantime please be sure to let me know if it happens again. I can also reset your daily goal streak if you’d like, just me know. Apologies again for the trouble and thanks for your help!

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