Still waiting for the UI-improvements

In September, I suggested a few UI improvements among which was the suggestion to increase the size of the additional letters when playing in type-mode.

Another issue is the size of the additional letters, in the case of my french game for example the ones with accents. While the legibility is okay on low-res monitors (if I remember correctly), on a high-resolution display like mine its pretty hard to differentiate for example an accent aigu (é) from an accent grave (è). Zooming in when being on the site is not really ergonomic…

Well, nothing happened so far which I found a bit surprising. Adjusting the size of a few elements shouldn’t really be that much of a challenge while being a massive ergonomic improvement, right? :grin:


I agree, larger additional letters would be better. I usually use Clozemaster on my touch-screen laptop and quite often hit the wrong character by mistake.


Thanks for the feedback, thanks for the reminder, and sorry for the delay!

These guys right?

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Jup, right.

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Thanks, you don’t know how good that feels :laughing:

It’s much easier to see the right letter and hit the right button on a touch-screen now!