Stà attento!

Interesting, Wiktionary defines stà as “misspelling of sta”: stà - Wiktionary


Ciao @Mithridates Interesting, I have to say I have never seen “Stà” with the accent, always “Sta attento!” I paid particular attention to it :slight_smile:

A dopo…

My grammar book tells me that sta’ (single quote) is a variant form for stai (imperative).

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Ciao @morbrorper. I often find the marks (à) and (’) (single quote) a problem as many use (a’) as an accent. Agree, I can see how sta’ would work, but not à.

Time for another Lavazza :wink:

:soccer:E per stasera, forza Italia! :it:


Exactly, I find the same here:

Under “imperativo” it lists three forms for 2nd person singular:

2a p. sg.

I guess the sta’ perhaps accidentally got entered as stà due to perhaps keyboard shortcuts enabled for some languages? Though normally I would expect ` + a (the (back)tick/accent grave symbol) to be transferred into à, rather than a + ’ (the single quote/apostrophe symbol).

Ah just noticed @Floria7’s second post :wink:

Edit 2: in fact, on Tatoeba, even though the sentence had originally been provided by a native speaker, this exact difference (with sta’ being a truncated version of stai, and the use of the stress in stà being a typographical error, because there’s no other unaccented version to confuse it with) had already been raised in the comments back in 2015 it seems, with a +1 last year from @morbrorper :smile:


Cloze in 2015! Mamma mia, this gets up-cheers from me for loyalty and longevity; I started Duo in 2016 and should have come here a lot sooner. It’s never too late though;-)

Have a good day all!

Actually,I think that 2015 comment predates Clozemaster by a few years. But I agree; those years spent at that other site feel a bit of a waste.