Spiacente, non me ne sono accorto.

English Translation

Sorry, I didn’t notice that.

Just to make sure I understand how this works. Infinito : accorgersi. Passato prossimo: mi sono accorto. Then, the didn’t part becomes “me ne sono accorto”. Mi becomes me in negative . As always, feel free to correct me.

In this case the reflexive pronoun mi becomes me because it is followed by ne, not because the sentence is negative. Without the inclusion of ne, it would be non mi sono accorto.

An example reference from the internet (Collin’s Italian Easy Learning - not a place I would immediately think to use as a reference, admittedly), the last sentence of section 1 states -

The pronouns mi, ti, si, ci and vi become me, te, se, ce and ve when they are followed by another pronoun, such as ne.


Zzcguns! Right. Without the grammar book and explanations in it, it is hard and sometimes impossible to learn from the context. I have to switch to my grammar book as a main source and use the CM as a practice tool. I had that thought a long time ago but was lazy I guess or caught in the game. Thank you for your reply!

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