Sono altamente complementari.

English Translation

They are highly complementary.

I wonder if the English was meant to be “complimentary”? A pretty common error for native speakers too.

If so, “lusinghieri” would be the appropriate Italian word I think.


I am not a native speaker but I thought that “complementary” means “being a good addition to” whereas “complimentary” means “free” like in “lunch is complimentary for congress speakers”.
Therefore I think the translation is okay. “Lusinghieri” would be “flattering” or something like that.

“Complimentary” has two meanings,

  1. Praising or expressing admiration for someone (offering a compliment).
  2. Given to you without charge.

“Complementary” means useful or attractive together, so for example we might talk about wearing complementary colours.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that things are “highly complementary”, but I think that you would hear “highly complimentary” more often (if you’re lucky!).

My point was really that even native speakers use the wrong spelling in written English.