Solche Magazine haben einen großen Einfluss auf Kinder.

The word “Magazine” here is pronounced the same as in English. This seems strange to me. I’ve heard Germans pronounce this word only with the German pronunciation. Is it common for Germans to pronounce it like in English, when used in the plural like this here?

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The pronunciation has been updated (at least for the male voice). It’s now pronounced in the German way, though I’m not sure how common “Magazin” is in common speech compared to the more German word “Zeitschrift”.

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“Magazin” is not as common as “Zeitschrift” but still widespread. A lot of “Zeitschriften” have “Magazin” in thier subtitles, like
“Brigitte - das Magazin für alle Frauen”
“mare - das Magazin der Meere”
Btw, “Das Magazin” was a popular “Zeitschrift” in the fomer DDR and it is one the very few print media from the DDR that survived until today.

“Magazin” is also a very common name for TV shows centering on certain topics like “Politmagazine” (political magazines) or “Verbrauchermagazine” (consumer magazines).

Of course, some magazines are both, like “mare” which is a printed magazine as well as a TV magazine for travelling.

I never heard it pronouced in the English way.