So etwas habe ich noch nie gespürt.

I think this translation could be improve. If I understand this correctly, “gespürt” means this is more of a sensation and less of an emotion?

Currently this is translated “I’ve never felt this way before.” which in English, absent any additional context, seems to me to have the connotation of an emotion.

Google translate currently gives me: “I’ve never felt anything like it.” which seems to be a better match to the connotation of “spüren”.

Also I think “this way” is not the best translation of “so etwas”. Again I prefer Google’s translation “something like that”.

Saying “I’ve never felt this way before.” in English, strongly implies that the person is currently experiencing the feeling in question, and they have only not felt it until now, whereas “So etwas” in German seems to leave open the possibility that the person is not experiencing it currently but is merely discussing it. This is where “I’ve never felt anything like it.” seems better. Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m not certain if I’m interpreting “so etwas” accurately here.

I’d be curious, does this sentence in German imply that the person IS definitely feeling the thing in question, or could it be that the person is only discussing it?

Your thought’s are right, I’ve nothing to add.

The sentence does not necessarily refer to a current situation, it can be hypothetical as well.