Skąd mam wiedzieć, czy się naprawdę zakochałem?

English translation is given on CM as ‘How can I tell if I’m really in love?’. But ‘zakochałem’ suggests ‘was in love’? Can it be interpreted to ‘in love’ i.e. currently? Thanks.

“Zakochać się” is “to fall in love” (e.g. a one-time ation), so the most literal translation would be “How can I tell if I really fell in love?”

So just like “I fell in love” in English, it might be interpreted as “I’m currently in love”, but it doesn’t have to mean that—all depends on the context.

If you wanted to explicitly say “to be (currently) in love”, you would use “być zakochany(m)”, so the sentence would be “Skąd mam wiedzieć, czy naprawdę jestem zakochany?”.

The word “zakochany” is a passive participle formed from “zakochać (się)”—so it pretty much works like “infatuated” or “enamored” in English.

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Skąd mam wiedzieć = phase = lit, from where am I having to know? = how do I know?