Sieh dich vor!

English Translation

Be careful.

What is the verb here? It looks like “vorsehen”, but according to google, that means to provide or to plan or to schedule something. I don’t see how this means “Be careful”.

The second entry for vorsehen on Wordreference says:

  • II v/r be careful, watch out (bei jemandem with sb);
    sich vorsehen, dass man nicht ausrutscht etc be careful (oder take care) not to slip etc;
    sieh dich (bloß) vor! Warnung:
    watch out!, be careful!; Drohung:(just) watch yourself (oder it)!

Ah, okay, I see it on also: | vorsehen | English Dictionary

Interesting that google translate didn’t list that as a definition for me. I’ve got to stop relying on google translate for stuff like this!

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I think both meanings of “vorsehen” are connected.
It is not a big step from “have a plan” or “provide for future events” to “be careful”.

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