Si vous avez des demandes supplémentaires sur ce produit, veuillez l'ajouter au panier, où vous pouvez laisser un message. Nous ferons tous nos efforts afin de vous satisfaire.

The translation given is: “If you have additional requests about this product, please add them to the basket, where you can leave a message. We will do our best to assist you.”

Does this mean to write requests and messages on a piece of paper and put them in a basket (which sounds extremely old-fashioned), or should it be a non-literal translation?

I found only one way to understand this sentence: It’s about ecommerce.

So you buy a product on a ecommerce website, and if you have some specific needs/requests related to that product then you add the product to your cart (which in French is called “Panier”, comes from the physical “Panier de courses”) and during the checkout process related to that cart (or maybe the “See your cart screen”), you can add a message.

I also figured it must relate to online shopping, but I’ve never seen any English website instructions that say to add requests to a basket. You add items you want to buy to a basket / shopping cart, but requests for information would usually be made some other way. I guess we’d have to see the website the sentence came from to know whether this translation is correct.

From my experience, it usually happens with small shops.

Here is a screenshot of the cart of a small shop in Lille (that sells Japanese imported stuff). And you can see a section where you can add a message to your order.

I guess it doesn’t make sense with Amazon, eBay and so on, because those are giants and the “industrialize” their process. But with small businesses, you can always ask customized stuff like “Hey can you add a letter that says Happy Birthday John! inside the parcel, it’s his birthday”.

But yes, I admit that this clozemaster sentence isn’t something that happens often.

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