Si sta godendo la sua vita da studente.

English Translation

He is enjoying his school life.

I’d have thought “student life” or “life as a student” a better fit.

I’m always wary about using “godere”. Does it suggest here that he is enjoying the, er, sensual opportunities of being a student or is it safe to use for more innocent pleasures?


Che domanda birichina!

While it is true that “godere” can be used in the meaning “to reach sexual climax”, it has plenty of innocent uses.


“Mi sono goduto una buona cena”: I enjoyed a good dinner.

“Gode di una buona educazione”: He benefits from a good education.


Grazie @mike-lima! As per @David755502 this has caught me out more than once, nice to have a simple straightforward explanation. (I am refraining from any witty response;-)

Incidentally, would I need to say “mi sono godutA una buona cena” - correct endings are still a weak point!


Hi @Floria7 , yes, since you are using a reflexive verb (godersi) the past participle must agree with the subject gender and number.

The rules for the concordance are not simple. A rule of thumb - but there are exceptions - is that if the auxiliary verb is “essere”, there must be concordance with the subject. If the auxiliary verb is “avere”, generally the participle remains invariable.

Also, sometimes the participles agrees with the object instead of the subject.

For example:

“Hai fatto cena?” - “Sì, l’ho fatta”. Here the participle agrees with the object (“la ho fatta, la cena”).

You can check point 3 in the following page if you want more details:


@mike-lima This is sooo helpful. I think at last I’ve written the following correctly.

Me ne sono resA conto - I realised that
Me ne rendo conto - I realise

Mille grazie.


Ciao @Floria7
Ho trovato il video qui sotto su questo argomento interessante.


Ciao @David755502 Mille grazie, guarderò con interesse:-)

Buona giornata eh!

Più tardi! This is fantastic @David755502! Simona is now a big favourite, what a great teacher, con i denti da morire;-) Together with Vaporetto she’s definitely top of la lista and I love the way she explains it so simply. No wonder my friend in Lucca kept rolling with laughter every time I used it.