Si può usarlo solo una volta.

English Translation

You can only use it once.

Would it be possible to say “si può usare” or “può usarsi”?


I think you need an object here but I could not find “usarsilo” except once in old tuscan poetry.
On the other hand “usarsila” seems to be somewhat more frequent.


You can use “Si può usare”, and it would be a better sentence. “Lo” in si può usarlo" is a bit redundant…

“Può usarsi” has a bureaucratic feeling, I would avoid using it as well.

Edit: “Lo si può usare solo una volta” can be used, in case you are mentioning the implicit subject of this sentence before, and I think it is easier to pronounce than “usarlo”.

About @MRgK note about “usarsilo”, I must confess I have never heard of it. Maybe it is still used in Tuscany?


Just a curiosity, and I could be way off, but I would expect the “i” to turn into an “e” if adding the “lo”, so “usarselo”, and then maybe to sound better “usasselo”?

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