Si perde dovunque vada.

Searching through the sentences, it seems that “ovunque” is a lot more common.

Ciao. This is the first time I’ve seen dovunque. And agree, ovunque seems to be more used.


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From the word reference forums, this seems again a thing where there’s a difference between native speakers, with some preferring to use dovunque anywhere, and some ovunque, and if I understood correctly, some suggesting that they predominantly use dovunque associated with verbs of motion.

While I’ve found some references to this on some blogs etc., I haven’t found an authoritative source on this, though this seems to come the closest, however if I interpret it correctly, you can still say apparently “ovunque vada” as well, unless I’m misinterpreting it:

Also if I’m interpreting these correctly, it seems “ovunque” stems from the 12th century, with “dovunque” being slightly “younger”, stemming from the 13th century?

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@sindaco, ciao. Mille grazie per questo! Veeery interesting. In some cases dovunque is also easier to say and sounds better. I wonder what our Piero will tell us?

Enjoy il fine settimana!

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Interestingly enough the ngram chart shows dovunque slightly more common than ovunque until the 20s… Now ovunque is far more popular. I wonder if this is a regional issue?