Sentence Source References?

Are the sources of these sentences listed anywhere? I feel at least some of them are from books or popular culture, either translated from English or another language (not necessarily from the language of the particular course I’m doing). Thanks, diolch, mersi, jne.

First, are you aware of the “Sentence Source” button that shows up once you submit your answer for a cloze? That will show you the immediate source of the sentence, which is the Tatoeba collection. Your question may be “Where do sentences in the Tatoeba collection come from?” The answer is that they are either (1) produced by members of the Tatoeba community as original work, or (2) taken from sources whose licenses permit reuse (that is, they are not under copyright or other restriction that would prohibit their use on Tatoeba). If a sentence falls into category 2, its ultimate source may be indicated on its Tatoeba page by a comment or a tag. Or, if the sentence author takes a large number of sentences from a source, that source may be indicated in the author’s profile. Another way to look for the sentence is simply to perform an Internet search.


No, I wasn’t - thank you!