Sembrano di buona salute.

English Translation

They look healthy.

Carla says “Sembrano in”, (not “di”).

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Ciao @morbrorper. Hmm. I’m wondering If cattiva Carla is correct here. I suppose it depends whether she intends to say “they are of good health” or “in…” . Again Reverso etc dicono “in”.

Un po’ di polemica qui eh :wink:


“Sembra” like “sembrano di buona salute” was already removed, so I can’t listen to it. Reverso has “in buona salute” as “in good health” and “healthy” and “di buona salute” as both “in good health” and “of good health”. Sembrano tutte uguali per me , but Carla should read what is written and with the correct pronunciation (that is her only job).“Sembra” it is being corrected now.( I will keep my fingers crossed).


Who knows, perhaps the recording preceded the printing. Perhaps Carla was having problems with one of her children, or her mother-in-law, or perhaps the husband was unusually late, or the cat was sick or… :wink:

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