Sei andato collo zio?

English Translation

Did you go with the uncle?

I would have said: Sei andato con zio. (no definite article with single family member?)

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As far as I know, that rule applies to the genitive: “Sei andato con tuo zio?” vs “Sei andato con il tuo amico?”.


I read this literally as "Did you go with the uncle - the uncle of another family, not your own uncle or his/her uncle.



I agree with morbrorper.
I think you can either say “Sei andato collo zio” or “sei andato con tuo zio” but in both cases you are probably meaning “your uncle”.
At least I heard “La mamma disse …” meaning “my mom / our mom said …” .


You can omit the article if the uncle is the speaker’s or the listener’s uncle, but you do not have to.

“Con lo zio” may mean my uncle, your uncle, or more probably a third person’s (that is the implicit discussion topic) uncle.

I think contracting “con lo” into “collo” is not wrong, but rather uncommon these days. It surely feels strange in written form, but I think people nowadays would use “con lo”.