Sediamoci e parliamo.

English Translation

Let’s sit down and talk.

I could tell the “sediamoci e parliamoci” version is completely wrong (but “let’s” relates to both verbs .Probably?). Found another sentence like this :“Mettiamo in pausa e scriviamoci le regole…” . I guess my question is : how do we know where “ci” goes?

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Imho “ci sediamo” - we sit down. “sediamoci” - let’s sit down. Mettiamo etc “Let’s pause/take a break and write (them) the rules”, at least that’s how I read it. I took the ci to mean different things here but could be wrong. Grazie per raising this;-)


“Sediamoci e parliamoci” is not wrong, but a bit redundant, maybe, as a “ci” is already included in “sediamoci”.

The sentence is in the imperative mood, and “sediamo e parliamo” wouldn’t be wrong to use, as well, but “sediamoci” is the natural way to express this.

We tend to use “sedersi”, the reflexive form, in the sense of “to sit down”, and “sedere” in the sense of “sit”, “to stay seated”.

Similarly, “Parlarsi” specifically means “to talk to each other”.


Thank you @mike-lima ! You are always very helpful!


I suppose that “Sediamoci a parlare” would also work.