Se quello che dire è vero, va da sé che lui ha un alibi.

English Translation

If what you say is true, it follows that he has an alibi.

Love this sentence for “va da sé” and not for the cloze word “alibi” . So, “forever learned” for the cloze word concept would no work for me. I know about creating collections, but for me it is easier if I let it sit and run (when I want it) in “favorites” for a couple of days, then “unfavour” it. I remember “va da sé” now because of this entire sentence. And, btw , I never worry I might never see the sentence again and forget it because many many times it comes back even if I “100 percent” it because I most definitely see it with “lei” instead of “lui” or some other minor changes.
(Just sharing what works for me)


Va da sé is a great little phrase! Whatever works for you is good. I’m now putting Learning before Reviewing and thoroughly enjoying it while trying not to worry too much that the latter are now in their thousands.


I totally agree.
For me, “forever learned” means always the whole sentence and not only the cloze.


There is a typo in the Italian sentence: dire → dice (or dici).

You may think “va da se’” as “it goes without saying”


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