Se on liikaa minulle. Minun täytyy hidastaa.

English Sentence

It is too much for me. I need to slow down.

Wiktionary has hidastaa as a transitive verb. The translation was not made by a native speaker.

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Yes, it should be hidastua, right?

The profile page of the translator confirms that he’s not native.

hidastua sounds better, but then I’m not a native either :wink:

There is ellipsis at work here. Minun täytyy hidastaa ((vauhtia/tahtia)).

Minun täytyy hidastaa ‘I need to slow down’
Minun täytyy hidastua ‘I need to become slower’ (in a very concrete way)

But actually the first one would also work with the second translation in some cases. Hidastua sounds kind of weird but it’s not ungrammatical.


More input from native speakers (confirming this):

The latter means “I must be slowed down by some external force.”
It takes agency away from me, sounds a bit weird.
Or maybe “Some external factor must make me a permanently slower person.”

i must slow down [implied object]
[implied subject, not me] must slow me down

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