Se lo scordi.

English Translation

Forget about it.

The explanation here doesn’t really take us as far as we need to go! Reverso confirms that “se lo scordi” can just mean “forget it!” Can anyone understand how it comes to mean this, please?


Ciao @Vincent23234. I have the feeling that this is one of those standard phrases that can’t be easily translated, we just learn it as it is.

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If I am not mistaken, many things here to confuse the English speaker. It means Forget it. / No way.

  • Scordarsi is reflexive, unlike in English.

  • 3rd person of the Imperativo is used for politeness.

  • The expected form Si scordi becomes Se lo scordi because of the presence the direct pronoun lo. Other common example: mettersi > Se lo mette. He puts it on.


Grazie @Anxos e @Vincent23234, our Italian club madrelingua also gave me this:

“Se lo scordi!” va bene se lo dici a una persona a cui dai del lei
“Scordatelo!” (accento sulla ‘o’) se dai del tu