@barcarolle Ciao. Seems Giorgio e Carla have been at the Barolo again on this one. I don’t seem to have lost my bet, thanks to morbrorper and Reverso, and now Piero.

As u say, oh the joys of intricate Italian. Mind you when Italians get Our accents wrong, it’s rather appealing. Hopefully it works both ways;-) Buona giornata!

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Sei molto gentile! Thanks again for help.

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Prego, non c’è di che :slight_smile:

The English translation reminded me of Donnie Brasco’s “Foggetaboutit!”, and I wondered how they would’ve dubbed this, and if that might give us some further clartiy on the pronunciation (even if in an exaggerated way), but alas, it seems they used “Che te lo dico a fare”, rather than any of the “scòrdatelo”, “scordàtelo” or “scordàtevelo” versions :frowning: