Saya senang Anda berkenan membantu saya, tapi bisakah saya meminta bantuan Anda lagi?

Japanese Translation


The ID-JP pair doesn’t match, and an English translation is not available on Tatoeba (as of Nov. 11, 2022).

The Indonesian sentence means:

But may I have a favor of you again in the future?

二度手間になりませんか? in Japanese means:

But wouldn’t that make you redo from scratch in the future?

In other words, the speaker of the Japanese sentence is afraid that it is not the right time to get help from the listener at this very moment because the situation may change and her time and efforts may be wasted.

The Indonesian sentence doesn’t have such a connotation. The speaker assumes that getting help at this very moment is nice but the speaker is just afraid whether the listener will do a favor again in the future or not.