Saya berbincang-bincang dengan ibu saya setiap hari.

English Translation

I speak with my mother every day.

The cloze-word should be {{berbincang-bincang}}, not berbincang-{{bincang}}. It’s a spoiler, and {{berbincang-bincang}} is registered in KBBI as one word.
Also, the English translation should be replaced with “chit chat”. There are many synonyms of “to talk/speak”. But “berbincang-bincang” or “bercakap-cakap” is “to have an informal discussion or conversation”. It’s difficult to answer this cloze-word.

The Indonesian sentence and the English translation were updated by the Clozemaster admin on September 25, 2022.

Old: Saya berbincang-{{bincang}} dengan ibu saya setiap hari. = I speak with my mother every day.

New: Saya berbincang-bincang dengan {{ibu}} saya setiap hari. = I chit chat with my mother every day.

The new English translation is correct. But I wonder why the admin changed the cloze-word to such an easy one like {{ibu}} (mother) and still belonging to 50K most Common Collection. It should be {{berbincang-bincang}}.

The same issue had been reported by a Tagalog learner here: Tagalog cloze selection is broken. Don’t randomly choose cloze-words. Please stick to the work frequency list.

Also, 50K Most Common Collection incorporated the updated one, but Random Collection hasn’t done yet.