Sarò a casa al mattino.

English Translation

I’ll be at home in the morning.

What is the distinction between “il mattino” and “la mattina” here?

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First, the Guybrush88 in tatoeba has it as “nel mattino”, which is 'in the morning". Why does CM have it as “al”? Now, I saw “mattino” and “mattina” too. Could it be that the different parts of Italy prefer one to the other? Sorry I added more questions instead of giving some answers.


I found a very good explanation googling :mattina o mattino? Italian language blog. April 29, 2010.>italian. Well, the link did not work though. Just google mattina o mattino. It is there and molto chiaro.

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Very useful indeed, thanks, I think this should be the link that you mentioned:

Yes, it is. Grazie tanto!

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Very interesting! But this just adds to the mystery…

The blog says: “When we are talking about a specific date we use the feminine form” which seems to go against the thrust of this sentence, unless this sentence expresses a habit which applies to all mornings?

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